Time Keeper Coordinate online and offline meetings with an accurate and free date Create meeting

For Individuals

  • Quickly gather friends from all over the world
  • Meet in new places
  • Share your impressions using video conferencing

For Small business

  • Online presentations
  • Coordination in different time zones
  • Saving meeting materials

For Corporations

  • Organization of meetings with remote units
  • Recording presentations
  • Automatic selection of free time for participants
  • Reduced approval time



Free (Your tariff)
  • 5 Meetings with a free date
  • Conference limit - 50 minutes
  • Unlimited Meetings with exact date
  • Up to 10 participants in a conference
Create Meeting


11 / month. or 110 / year Personal version (for each individual account)
  • Online presentations
  • Unlimited duration of the conference
  • Up to 30 participants in one conference
  • Access to conference recordings
  • 1GB cloud storage


15 / month. or 150 / year Corporate plan - account management
  • Unlimited Meetings with a free date
  • Unlimited duration of the conference
  • Up to 60 participants in one conference
  • Access to conference recordings
  • 3GB cloud storage
  • Account management (superorganizer personal account)

Time Keeper

Quickly create a meeting by specifying a subject, description, format (online / offline) and date.

System will automatically:

  • Will send invitations and materials to the meeting participants
  • Will prompts you to save the appointment to your calendar
  • Will create a room if the meeting is online
  • Will send out reminders 1 hour before the meeting
  • If there was a recording of the meeting, will send the saved video of the meeting to all participants

In case the date of the meeting has not been agreed yet, arrange a meeting with an "Open Date" for auto-negotiation in 2 steps:

  • Specify format, list of participants and available slots
  • Participants will select suitable dates and times

The system will select the nearest free slot for all, after which the participants will receive invitations with a link to the Zuzan conference room (for an online meeting) or an address if the meeting is offline.

Zuzan video conferencing includes all the usual functions for conducting an online meeting:

  • Screen sharing
  • Built-in chat
  • Managing participant sound settings

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